Prostitute Sex: how it works

A Colombian prostitute in her brothel room in Frankfurt
The walk-in brothels in Frankfurt are similar to hotel buildings, but without receptions. You will walk up the stairs and a hallway will lead to individual rooms. If the door is open the girl is waiting for new customers.
If you like her you will chat her up, negotiate and decide if you want to engage with her or pass to the next floor.
If you find the girl of your choice, she will ask you inside and close the door. You will deposit the negotiated fee on a table and both of you will strip, get a bit closer and may even engange in petting and kissing depending on sympathy and negotiation skills. Then she will lead you to the sink and wash your little friend with soap.
Sexworker getting ready to wash the penis of a customer with antibacterial lotion before oral and vaginal intercourse
After this she will usually wash herself and everything after this is beyond the words that will suit the purpose of this webpage :-)
The girls are usually very photoshy but if you pay a bit more and promise not to show their faces, chances are you may get lucky, but it is an absolute exception as the house owners and pimps don't like to see it.

After sex:

After you have completed the act(s) you will go to the sink to wash again, dress up and the girl gets ready for her next guest after a short chat and kissing you good bye.
Of course there are some better looking gals than the lady on the picture, but the normal gals usually give better service than the modeltype girls, an observation that many men have made and experienced.

Frankfurt prostitute getting on her make up between customers

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