View of Frankfurt Brothels:
View of Brothels in Frankfurt redlight district, Elbe Strasse

There are 12 walk-in brothels remaining at the Bahnhoftsviertel in Frankfurt/Main. Pictured above you see the biggest brothel called "Eros center": It consists out of 2 buildings, the front that is pictured and a backyard building of the same size. Although the place is big and has a huge selection of about 200 girls, it is commonly known as a ripoff place. Be aware of that! The Thai "girls" that work in the back building are mostly post-op transvestites. Better stick to the lower floors of the front building. And be carefull in the upper floors. Lots of African girls that try to grab your belongings. They promise to give it back to you, if you fuck them, but their service sucks and you might end up in big trouble with security if you don't pay!!!!

Location map:

Location Map of Frankfurt Brothels
The Frankfurt Bahnhosfviertel Redlight District is very easy to find. Just go to the main railwaystation (Hauptbahnhof) by S-Bahn, Train or car. Go to exit "Taunusstrasse" and here you go: you are in the middle of the biggest redlight district in Germany that offers chicas from Latin America, girls and ladyboys from Thailand, German hookers as well as plenty of guestworkers from many different countries.
The red marked buildings on the map actually represent active brothels that are open to males over the age of 18 years (legal age in Germany - anyhow: there are no controls!).
Right behind Amsterdam/Holland Frankfurt has the biggest redlight district in Europe. It is very bussy on weekends and on weekday mornings from 6 to 9 am (that's when Europe's top bankers get their job done before they start to work!)
Best time for quality and quantity at the same time is on weekends afternoon. (Pssssssst, it's my secret. don't fuck around other times)

What else :

Besides the walk-in brothels there is an abundance of bars, clubs, discos and pubs around as well as plenty of sex shops. Some of the sex shops offer peep shows and here are a few girls waiting outside the shops that will be willing to come into your peep show or video cabin with you and give you a handjob, blowjob or even full intercourse. However, be aware that these street girls are drug adicts and usually don't undergo any kind of health check up. It would be an understatement to call them a high risk sex partner. Be aware!
There are many other german cities offering brothels and redlight districts similar to Frankfurt. One of the most famous city RLDs is Herbert Strasse in Hamburg.

Photo image of Frankfurt Brothel Rotes Haus Taunusstrasse